Organizing and Decluttering Your House

February 10th, 2014


Living in a cluttered house can be stressful for many people, but they may not have time to sort through everything and get rid of the items they don’t want.  It can also be overwhelming for many people to sort through years of accumulation.  For many people, they may have attachments to their possessions and have a hard time letting go of them.  However, if you really wish to tackle your clutter, here are a few simple suggestions to help you sort through your belongings and get rid of what you’re not using.

Sorting Out Clothes

You can tackle your wardrobe by trying a simple hanger trick.  Organize your clothes so all of the hangers are facing back to front.  For a six month period, whenever you wear an outfit, hang it back in the closet with the hanger facing back to front.  However, if you try on an outfit, but don’t wear it, hang it back up with the hanger in the opposite direction.  After the time period is over, you may discover you have several outfits you don’t like or wear at all.  Consider donating them to charity.

Clearing Out the Bathroom

Did you know that make-up has an expiration date?  The expiration date is usually stamped on the product or it could be on the packaging, but most make-up only has a shelf life of six months.  Products that are used around the eyes have a shorter lifespan than other types of cosmetics.

Mascaras last only about four months, lotions can last up to 12 months and perfumes are generally good for three years.  If you’ve ever seen a manufacturer’s code on a bottle of perfume, the last number in the code stands for the year it was bottled.  Go through your products and look for the expiration dates and toss anything that you know is old.

Sorting DVDs

If you are a movie buff, you may have quite the movie collection and all of those DVDs can quickly get out of control.  To declutter your family room, remove one DVD for every four or five movies that you keep.  You can do this with your kids video games as well.  Have them pick out the ones they play and get rid of the ones they’ve grown tired of playing.

You can give your video games and DVDs to a charity, pass them on to others that you know will like them or you can make some money by selling them to a pawn shop.  Let your kids keep the money made off the video games and have them save it in a piggy bank.

Decluttering and organizing your house will help ease the stress in your life.  If you need extra storage space for items that you want to keep, but don’t have room for, you can rent a storage unit to get them out of the house and out of your way.  Don’t just throw everything into a unit, sort it first and get rid of stuff you don’t want.

Learn How To Store Your Holiday Lights

February 3rd, 2014


The holiday season is here—and you probably didn’t take out your Christmas lights yet. Though, you probably would have taken your light out to decorate your home… if those same lights weren’t in such bad shape.

That ‘bad shape’ is what many homeowners dread when pulling their Christmas or holiday lights out of their closets, self storage units or anywhere that was large enough to keep their lights safe. Most homeowners, including yourself, have probably pulled out a balled up and matted wad of holiday lights from storage. And, everyone knows that once you see them like that, it’s time to head out and buy new lights.


Though, you don’t have to always ‘refresh’ your holiday lights each year since, well, they’re likely perfectly fine. It’s the tangled mess that makes most people toss it right into the trash. If you learn how to actually store your lights without getting them into a matted mess, you won’t have to face the dilemma of having to throw out perfectly serviceable lights again.

In this short article, we’re going to take a look at a few tips to help you keep your holiday lights stored without getting them tangled up again.

How to store holiday lights… the right way

Wrap your lights around something. You should save sturdy and wide containers like coffee cans and oatmeal canisters to wrap your lights around. Just cut a small slot into the lid to slip the plug inside; after that, wind the lights around the canister until you reach the other end, plugging it back into its appropriate slot. You can use the inside of the canister to store other cords, spare bulbs and other accessories for your light sets.

Save your empty wrapping paper tubes. Those long and empty wrapping paper tubes have a second use after all—save them for your holiday lights! Wrapping the lights around the tube is much like what was mentioned for smaller canister: just cut a slot into one end of the tube and slip in the plug. Wrap, plug the ends together and you have a neatly wrapped ‘tube’ of lights that are ready to go for next year.

Ziploc bags work too. If you have individual lights, Ziploc bags do the trick for safely storing them for the next year. You just need to nearly wrap the lights together, and then plug both ends to keep the lights from unraveling.

Plastic coat hangers? Coat hangers also work to efficiently store away holiday lights. You just need to carefully wrap the lights around the ends, using plastic zip ties to secure them onto the hanger’s surface.

Drop them into a bucket. Although not as practical, you can layer your holiday lights into large cardboard boxes to keep them safe for next year. Plug both ends together and layer each strand into the box, using layers of bubble wrap or packing filler to keep each layer separated.

Of course, you can always buy different supplies to keep your holiday lights stored right. There’s even special storage containers on the market that are designed specifically to effectively hold holiday lights without tangles. No matter what method you use, it’s always a good idea to have some idea in mind about how to store your holiday lights.

Why Use Self Storage?

January 28th, 2014


Self-storage is the perfect option for a variety of storage needs. Whether you need a place to stash your stuff for a few months, a full season, or even longer, there’s a self-storage option out there that’s perfect for you.

Think of a self-storage unit as a basement or attic storage area away from home. Once you sign up for a storage unit, that space is yours. You have exclusive and complete access to the space. That means you can come up any time you want, add or remove items as you please, and never have to worry about anyone else getting access to your stuff. If the items you’re storing have more specific needs, many self-storage depots will offer special storage units: temperature control, moisture control, and even power and water hookups.

So what would you want to keep in a storage unit? It seems like we all acquire stuff as the years go on that we’re not ready (or not able) to throw out, but that we really don’t need access to on a daily basis. This can include family heirlooms, stores of books, furniture that doesn’t fit right now, or items you’re saving for when the kids go off to college and need a place of their own. Many people and businesses use self-storage to keep important financial papers around, in case of audits or other financial questions. These papers don’t have to stay in your home, but you need them in case of a rainy day.

Self-storage units are perfect for seasonal storage. There are certain items that you simply don’t need at all times of the year, so why should they be taking up space in your home when you don’t need them? This can include items for holidays, like the Christmas decorations. It can include seasonal clothing, like snowpants in July and Hawaiian shirts in January. And a major one: sports equipment. Sports equipment is often large and unwieldy: canoes, kayaks, skis, snowboards, golf bags, hockey bags, fishing rods, and so on all need a place to stay during the off season, and self-storage can provide the perfect opportunity for that.

And self-storage  is a great option even for shorter-term storage brisbane as well. These units rent month-to-month, often with no contract, which means it’s a great option if you suddenly need somewhere to put a bunch of stuff for a short period of time. Let’s say you’re moving to a new city, but you don’t have a place to live yet. A self-storage unit can be an easy place to stash your furniture, appliances, books, and any other large items you may have, for the month or two it takes to secure a more permanent place. It can also be a great option if you’re going to be temporarily without a home – say, for a student who doesn’t have an apartment during summer vacation, but doesn’t want to have to haul everything back home in April, and then haul it back in September. It can even be used if you need to temporarily get items out of your house during renovations or repairs.