Learn How To Store Your Holiday Lights


The holiday season is here—and you probably didn’t take out your Christmas lights yet. Though, you probably would have taken your light out to decorate your home… if those same lights weren’t in such bad shape.

That ‘bad shape’ is what many homeowners dread when pulling their Christmas or holiday lights out of their closets, self storage units or anywhere that was large enough to keep their lights safe. Most homeowners, including yourself, have probably pulled out a balled up and matted wad of holiday lights from storage. And, everyone knows that once you see them like that, it’s time to head out and buy new lights.


Though, you don’t have to always ‘refresh’ your holiday lights each year since, well, they’re likely perfectly fine. It’s the tangled mess that makes most people toss it right into the trash. If you learn how to actually store your lights without getting them into a matted mess, you won’t have to face the dilemma of having to throw out perfectly serviceable lights again.

In this short article, we’re going to take a look at a few tips to help you keep your holiday lights stored without getting them tangled up again.

How to store holiday lights… the right way

Wrap your lights around something. You should save sturdy and wide containers like coffee cans and oatmeal canisters to wrap your lights around. Just cut a small slot into the lid to slip the plug inside; after that, wind the lights around the canister until you reach the other end, plugging it back into its appropriate slot. You can use the inside of the canister to store other cords, spare bulbs and other accessories for your light sets.

Save your empty wrapping paper tubes. Those long and empty wrapping paper tubes have a second use after all—save them for your holiday lights! Wrapping the lights around the tube is much like what was mentioned for smaller canister: just cut a slot into one end of the tube and slip in the plug. Wrap, plug the ends together and you have a neatly wrapped ‘tube’ of lights that are ready to go for next year.

Ziploc bags work too. If you have individual lights, Ziploc bags do the trick for safely storing them for the next year. You just need to nearly wrap the lights together, and then plug both ends to keep the lights from unraveling.

Plastic coat hangers? Coat hangers also work to efficiently store away holiday lights. You just need to carefully wrap the lights around the ends, using plastic zip ties to secure them onto the hanger’s surface.

Drop them into a bucket. Although not as practical, you can layer your holiday lights into large cardboard boxes to keep them safe for next year. Plug both ends together and layer each strand into the box, using layers of bubble wrap or packing filler to keep each layer separated.

Of course, you can always buy different supplies to keep your holiday lights stored right. There’s even special storage containers on the market that are designed specifically to effectively hold holiday lights without tangles. No matter what method you use, it’s always a good idea to have some idea in mind about how to store your holiday lights.